CR Raises Beer Price

Casino Royale, Las Vegas

beer bottleAbout a year ago I had written about Casino Royale on center strip ending their long running dollar beer special when they raised the price to $2 a bottle which was still a good deal. Now Casino Royale has raised the price to $3 on all bottled beer which is still a fair deal for the Strip although better deals can be found off strip or downtown. One plus about all the bottled beers being $3 is that Corona and Heineken which were formally $5 a bottle but our now $3 a bottle.



$1 Beer Still Available

If you miss the $1 Michelob beer special at the Casino Royale on the Strip which is still a good deal at the price now of $2 a bottle, but you can still get the old deal just off the Strip;

To get the deal head over to the Stage Door Bar which is located behind the Cromwell and across the street from Bally’s. The bar is just your basic small bar with slots but if you need a break from the expensive Strip drink prices their is an option not too far away. When you enter the bar they will card everyone so don’t forget to bring your id or passport.

While you are checking out the $1 Michelob beer special you might want to stock up on supplies at the attached convenience store which is less expensive option than the hotel stores.

Location: 4000 Linq Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (702) 733-0124

3rd White Castle Coming?

It looks like the Las Vegas area is gNoing to have a third White Castle location with Eater Las Vegas reporting that one will be part of the huge new travel center planned in Jean, Nevada near the Gold Strike on Interstate 15 about 28 miles from Las Vegas. The new location will be the closest location at the moment to California as the chain heads west again and, will most likely have many of the chains California fans stopping for some sliders.

I have lived in Southern California since the mid eighties when there was White Castle locations in the state but as Dunkin Donuts made a return to California a few years ago then most likely the new Nevada locations will be just the start before White Castle moves back in to California. No word yet on the the planned opening or hours of the new location in Jean but until then you can get your White Castle fix at the two other Las Vegas locations at the Casino Royale on the Strip or Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

Locals Deal: 10 percent off for Nevada residents with Nevada ID, eat in only

(A note about Eater Las Vegas we provide restaurant coverage as part of our coverage of Las Vegas but in the case of Eater Las Vegas that’s all they do which is provide detailed and expansive coverage of Las Vegas restaurants so you might want to check them out. Eater Las Vegas has nothing to do this site and i don’t get any compensation from them its just a Las Vegas website worth checking out)

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$1 Beer At Casino Royale Is No More


The $1 beer special at the small center Strip Casino Royale is over as the price has now been raised to $2 for a bottle of Michelob which is still a good deal especially in its center Strip location. For many years you have able to walk up to the bar counter just inside the door and order a Becks or in more recent times a Michelob for a buck, its a shame to see the longtime deal gone. The new $2 price is still a good deal and, is available twenty four hours a day as well as seven days a week like the old deal.

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White Castle Downtown Now

The new White Castle is now open on Fremont Street at Fremont and Fourth in the former Harley Davidson shop space. For the fans of White Castle so now there is a second Las Vegas location to enjoy their mini burgers. The first location at Casino Royale on the Strip had to be closed down briefly several times at the opening to restock food although as this is the 2nd Las Vegas location I don’t foresee the same issues at this location. If you are not familiar with White Castle they are famous for selling mini burgers where instead of getting one burger you get several mini burgers. I’m not a huge fan of White Castle although in its prime location it should do well and a cheaper fast food option albeit at tourist area pricing should do well. 

White Castle To Open Today

Casino RoyaleFor fans of White Castle and its small sliders today sees the return of the chain to the West Coast with its first Las Vegas location at Casino Royale on the Strip. The new location is due to open at 2pm this afternoon so if you have missed the steamed mini burgers and buns with pickle as well as onions now is your chance to grab some. Of course the White Castle sliders have been available in the freezer sections of supermarkets and online judging but by the big lines the White Castle food trucks get at events there maybe a lot of people standing in line today to get some.