EDC Opening Show Schedule


Tomorrow before the whole of the Electric Daisy Carnival opens is a grand opening show at the Cosmic Lounge with Rick Trainer performing at 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm when Malaa takes over to 6:45 pm when a special guest Bill Nye the science guy takes over to officially open the events and all the grounds at 7 pm. Yes i don’t know why they picked Bill Nye the science guy to open the show but he is a well known name i guess.

EDC Week started yesterday with events running until May 22nd with concerts at all the big nightclubs and dayclubs all over town. For more information check with your resort or the EDC website for the numerous events which are too many to list here.


EDC Beating The Traffic


Its Electric Daisy Carnival time in Las Vegas again as the huge crowds head out this weekend to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for three nights of dancing and partying. One drawback of such a popular event is always getting from your hotel to the event and getting back again after everyone leaves; Well one company is offering a solution albeit an expensive one Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters is offering helicopter flights from McCarren International Airport to the Las Vegas Speedway and back again all three nights of EDC.

The price for a helicopter to the event isn’t inexpensive as you would expect with the price of $499 per person for each night of the event and, that includes limousine pickup and drop off after the event to your hotel. The companies seven seat helicopters will depart McCarren each night at 6 pm 6:30 pm as well as 7 pm and 7:30 pm with the flight to EDC taking about 12 minutes and although it sounds expensive i’m sure they will do well.

EDC Las Vegas 2019 Trailer


(Video Courtesy Insomiac Events)

To get you in the mood for purchasing tickets to the 2019 Electric Daisy Carnival Insomiac Events has released a trailer for event which draws huge crowds.Tickets for the 2019 Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Speedway go on sale this Friday at 10 am for the event due to run March 17th to 19th of next year.

Ticket prices run from $319 for general admission to  $779 for VIP tickets as well as something called general admission plus for $499; General admission plus reminds me of economy plus on airlines and i guess that’s what it is, for the extra money you get things such as expedited entry and premium restrooms.

The Electric Daisy Carnival is a huge event in Las Vegas and draws huge crowds over its long weekend listening to the electronic music entertainers on various stages and enjoying the everything else that is part of the festival.

Ticket Purchasing Link

EDC Standard Shuttle Passes


The countdown is on to the Electric Daisy Carnival which happens later this month May 18th to 20th at the Las Vegas Speedway. If you plan on attending the event on question is always how to get back and forth between your hotel and the event with the big crowds;  A very popular option is the shuttles which the EDC provides from various points on and near the Strip as well as Downtown.

There are two categories of shuttles but for this story we will discuss the Standard shuttles which run for $90 plus fees for round trip transportation for the three days of EDC. The shuttles bypass the traffic and take you to a dedicated lot close to the festival and offers security pre-check as well as water and restrooms at every stop as well as a customer service support team available from 7 am to 3 pm seven days a week.

At time of writing this article there are four EDC Standard shuttles available as the fifth one the mid Strip  location has already sold out although another location not too far away at the Tropicana on the South Strip is still available. The next closet Standard shuttle stop is at the off Strip RIo and the final option on the Strip is on the North Strip at the MGM Festival Grounds near Circus Circus. The final available option for the Standard shuttle is a Downtown stop near 9th and Fremont, we will cover the Premier shuttle options in another story.

For more information on shuttles check out the EDC 2018 website or call the Las Vegas Shuttle Support Team at  (888) 334-4496

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EDC Moves Up A Month


There has been talk about moving the date of the yearly Electic Daisy Carnival to different time to avoid the often oppressive Summer heat in Las Vegas in mid June. A decision has been made and now the Electric Daisy Carnival has been moved from mid June to the weekend of May 18th to 20th when the temperatures are generally about 30 degrees lower. The change will be safer for visitors and also a camping program has been added so vistors to the vent can rent air conditioned tents.

EDC Date Change?


The yearly Electric Daisy Carnival brings huge crowds every June to Las Vegas Speedway and as every local knows as well as many visitors to Las Vegas know 100 plus degree days in the Summer are not unusual. There is talk now to maybe move the event to a time when its less likely to be so hot to help with the heat related medical problems, no decision has been made yet but if possible, it would be a good idea.

EDC Getting There


The organizers of this weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival as well as local police and officials do a good job trying to keep things moving but with 140,000 people going to EDC there will be some delays. If you are not visiting EDC I would avoid Interstate 15 north of downtown completely until Monday afternoon. If you are visiting EDC and not taking one of the many paid for or the one free shuttle route abut are taking a taxi have it drop you off at the taxi lot at the speedway only; The Las Vegas Metro Police will not allow any pedestrians on Las Vegas Blvd so I would suggest not trying to be dropped off there. If you decide to take an Uber to the event they do have a special Uber zone area in the green parking lot, one note about Uber is that surge pricing will most likely be in effect as there will be big demand for Uber.

Free Shuttle To EDC


If you are attending the Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway you could pay for one of the many shuttles provided by EDC with various pick up points around town. There is also a free EDC shuttle option from the external lots at Craig Ranch Park & Ride which is near Interstate 15. The service will run nightly during the event nights from 6 pm until the end of the event each night. There will be about 100 buses running back and forth from the event but even so they could be busy and seats are available on a first come first served basis. To use the free shuttle, you will also need to have your festival wristband and be prepared to go through the security screening once you get to the Las Vegas Speedway.

EDC Dates Set For 2016

The date for next year’s Electric Daisy Carnival have been announced with it set to run from June 17th to the 19th of 2016. The huge event celebrating the best of electronic music will return to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for its 20th annual event. Tickets for the event go on sale September 21st at noon so get your computers and credit cards ready because EDC always sells out quickly. If you are interested in buying tickets to join the several days of concerts and partying the events webpage is lasvegas.electricdaisycarnival.com.