Steven’s Casino’s Change Sportsbooks

It looks like William Hill is out as the management company of all Derek Stevens sports books in downtown Las Vegas. The former Las Vegas Club when it reopens with its new name will be run by an in house operation headed by bookmaker Mathew Metcalf ;

The other two Derek Stevens properties the Golden Gate and the D will make the change sometime before the end of 2019. For a time it looked like William Hill was going to take over a big percentage of the sports books in town but as changes that allow sports betting across the country have happened the marketplace for sports bets has become a lot more competitive.

The new sports book at the former Las Vegas Club is planning to have the biggest television screen in Las Vegas as well as a studio that hosts VSIN broadcasts, it will be interesting to see what the final size for the sports book will be but it sounds like it will be the biggest Downtown once open.


Las Vegas Club Demolished

A piece of Las Vegas history in Downtown is vanishing piece by piece as the former Las Vegas Club is demolished to make way for a future resort property that most likely won’t appear until 2020 or later. The Las Vegas Club opened in 1930 a year before gambling was legalized in Nevada but over recent years the place suffered manny years of decline and the sports theme exterior looked tacky as well as dated. The property is now owned by Derek Stevens who refitalized the former Fitzgerald’s with a huge remodel after which he renamed it the D Las Vegas. Derek Stevens has also addded suites as well as sprucing up the Golden Gate across the street which he also owns with his brother. Construction on the new resort should begin early in the New Year but no word yet on the new properties name or theme which should take at least two years to compete.

Shell of former Las Vegas Club across from California

Golden Gate Casino Closing

Downtown’s Golden Gate Casino will close for a few days in August for an expansion which will nearly double the current casino space. The casino is due to be closed from August 20th to 25th well apart from more casino space the outdoor One Bar will also be extended as well as the addition of a new entry way off the Fremont Street Experience is to be built. The current casino at the Golden Gate is a fun place to play although the smaller space does get crowded at peak times and the extra space will be a plus.

Du Pars At Golden Gate Closes

Repeat visitors to Las Vegas often have certain traditions or places they visit on every trip that could be having a drink at a certain bar or food at a certain restaurant or something else they generally do. One thing I do on most trips to Las Vegas be it at three in the afternoon or three am is a trip to Du Pars restaurant in the Golden Gate Downtown for their huge fluffy pancakes or a corned beef hash breakfast. It looks like I will have find a new Las Vegas tradition as last night Du Pars closed with a press release saying that the closure was for financial reasons. Du Pars still has four locations in Southern California including a location at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles as well as an additional location in Las Vegas at the Suncoast resort. I cannot see myself visiting the Suncoast resort on every trip as the location is a bit far from the Strip although I can see myself making the occasional trip for the big fluffy pancakes. Las Vegas has always been a city of constant change and that will never stop, so as things change I guess I must start a new tradition somewhere else. I started visiting Las Vegas in 1984 and many of the resorts from then have gone such as Sands, Dunes, Marina, Hacienda, Sahara, Frontier, Barbary Coast, Boardwalk, Stardust, Landmark and Riviera are gone just to name some (yes I’m old); I will miss Du Pars but in a city with new places all the time I will find new favorite places that I enjoy visiting again and again.

One Way To Start The Day In Las Vegas

Steak and egg bagel with a large coffee at Dunkin Donuts at the Fremont

Steak and egg bagel with a large coffee at Dunkin Donuts at the Fremont

So what do you when you wake up at 4am in your hotel bed in Downtown Las Vegas and are hungry there are a few good options to eat pancakes at Du Pars at the Golden Gate, specials at Magnolia Cafe at Four Queens or even breakfast at Benny’s Bullpen at Binions. The solution as i am staying in the Fremont is an elevator ride to the casino for a steak and egg bagel sandwich with a large coffee at Dunkin Donuts which filled the need. The Dunkin Donut location at the Fremont is open twenty four hours a day if you want to check it out and now im thinking about pancakes at Du Pars can you have breakfast for two meals a day, i think i may have too.

Courthouse Demolition Continues

IMG_20140131_101712The former Clark County Courthouse in Downtown Las Vegas slowly disappears as the building is cleared to make way for festival grounds. The abandoned courthouse has been empty since 2005 and drew national attention with court cases such as the Binion’s trial where satellite news vans where parked out front every day. The owner of the property is Derek Steven’s owner of the D and Golden Gate hotels in Downtown who bought the property at an auction for $10 million dollars. The property is located at Third and Carson not too far from the D so it makes sense that Derek Steven’s purchased the property as whole blocks of Downtown land near Fremont Street don’t come up for sale often. In the long run I would be surprised if this space remains a festival space  for events, concerts etc as a different use is decided on but for the moment it is an inexpensive use that can be changed in the future quickly if needed.