Criss Angel At Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood

Criss Angel’s revamped show Mindfreak is due to open December 19th at Planet Hollywood with a different show than the one that previously had a long run at the Luxor.

The new show is billing itself as having twenty new never seen before effects and although i wasn’t a fan of his previous show Criss Angel does have his fans. If you want to check out the new show tickets start at $69 plus the usual taxes and fees.


Criss Angel Show To Close

Cirque Du Soleil have announced that Criss Angels’s Show at the Luxor called ‘Mindfreak Live is to close October 28th 2018 after a ten year run. The show originally opened in 2008 with the name ‘Believe’ as a more typical Cirque Du Soleil show but the show was changed to make less of the Cirque elements and, showcase more of the goth style magicians performance. In 2016 the show was retooled in to the current ‘Mindfreak Live,’ myself personally I not a fan of Criss Angel or the show which is a little on the dark side for me but a ten year run in Las Vegas for a performer is amazing. If you are a fan of the show you have plenty of time to see it over the coming months and with its closure such a long time off no discussion what will replace it.

Monorail Extension Plans

Christmas Tree At Monorail Station

A monorail extension to Mc Carran International Airport or to Downtown Las Vegas has often been discussed but it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon but another extension may happen; Approval has been given for a extension from the MGM Grand to the Mandalay Bay although the details such as design, stations, permissions especially from MGM Resorts as well as financing need to be worked out. At present a smaller monorail runs between the Excalibur and Mandalay resorts with a stop in between at the Luxor in one direction it’s not known if that monorail would be incorporated in to the new extension or just removed. Because of the location of the short monorail at the front of the properties on the Strip it seems unlikely that they would continue to operate that system but that would be up to MGM Resorts. The Mandalay Bay is a beautiful property although it’s location on the South Strip is a hindrance for food traffic from the busier part of the Strip but with the new monorail extension could bring in more traffic from other parts of the Strip.

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Esports Arena In 2018

The former space of the long running LAX nightclub at the Luxor will soon start its make over in to the Esports Arena with a scheduled opening date in the first quarter of 2018. Esports if you not familar is where the video game teams and players compete for prize money in competitions while big crowds watch on and cheer. The new Esports Arena is a joint enterprise with MGM Resorts International and eSports Arena with the demolition of the two floor 30,000 square foot space former LAX spaced due to get under way soon. The new space should be popular with its gaming fans and is due to include a huge LED video wall and other monitors to watch the action, plus individual gaming stations as a television production studio space. The audience space hasnt been announced although the space should hold about a thousand cheering fans. There will also most likely be merchandiing space as well as announced the two bars and a fast casual restaurant and most likely lots of energy drinks around to purchase. As demand for Esports is growing with games even being shown on ESPN this arena should do well although it remains to be seen how more competitors may decide to build their own arena in Las Vegas

Another Poker Room Bites The Dust

For several years there was a huge surge in interest in playing poker as more people began playing poker online which translated to more interest in playing poker in Las Vegas casinos; Many Las Vegas resorts in turn added or expanded their poker rooms but as interest has waned several resorts have closed or down scaled their poker rooms. The latest announced poker room closure on the Strip is of the 9-table poker room at the Luxor which is due to close on June 18th. Although the popularity of poker has waned since its peak and more poker rooms could close although there is still lots of people interested in poker so many will remain open.

Fantasy Party At LAX Tonight

Starting tonight and every Wednesday the cast of the long running adult revue Fantasy at Luxor will be hosting parties after their 10:30 pm show at the huge LAX nightclub also located inside the pyramid. The weekly parties will be hosted by female members of the cast and show comedian Sean E Cooper as well as the chance that show singers Lorena Peril and Jamie Lynch could also show off their vocal talents and belt out a song.

Friday Show Pick: Penn & Teller

There was a time in Las Vegas where every major resort would have would have a magician act usually with exotic animals but over recent years the number of magic acts in Las Vegas has declined especially as more and more Cirque type shows were added. Yes there are still magic acts around town notably David Copperfield with his long residency at the MGM Grand and Criss Angel with his long running de themed Cirque magic show at the Luxor. One magic show that has lasted an amazing 21 years and is always near the top of our recommended shows to see in Las Vegas is the Penn & Teller Show at the Rio. This show isn’t your standard magic act as instead of animals and huge elaborate illusions this is a very funny show where some of the walls of magic are broken down as Penn will tell you how some of the tricks are done. The show is entertaining and humorous with a much more laid back approach with the stars interacting with the audience instead of the sometimes too serious magicians. The magic is clever and amusing and well worth checking out when you are in Las Vegas. The theater is big for an off strip property with 1,475 seats and the performers have a meet and greet after the show.  The show runs Saturday through Wednesday with ticket pricing starting at $82.50 plus the usual taxes and fees and no its not inexpensive but well worth the money. The show starts at 9pm and, is children friendly which isn’t always the case for night shows for more information or tickets contact the Rio box office at (702) 777-2782 or visit their website. [Video Courtesy of Rio Las Vegas and Caesars]

Cowboy Spring Break

The cowboys head in to Las Vegas this week for the Cowboy Spring Break an event starting tomorrow and running through the weekend at the MGM Resorts Village on the Strip. If you are not familiar with the MGM Resorts Village it’s a 15 acre outdoor arena and festival space across the Luxor near the Mandalay Bay that have been used in the past for events such as iHeart Radio Music Festival Village. In fact the official hotel of the Cowboy Spring Break is the still kind of Egyptian themed big pyramid Luxor because cowboys like pyramids I guess or maybe not. The highlight of the event is PBR’s Last Man Standing bull riding competition where the top cowboys in the world will compete until there is only one remaining. The Cowboy Spring Break also includes interactive fan zones, live concerts, western lifestyle events, djs, fishing demonstrations, mechanical bull, western shopping, bull riding as well as food and drink are among some of the things going on. If you want to check it out I would take the bus or a taxi or the free monorail from Excalibur as parking might be at a premium. Ticket prices start at $50 for a single day general admission [standing room only] with the same ticket for all three days $99 and reserved grandstand seating at $299 for the three days. For more information tickets or to reserve hotel rooms check out the Cowboys Spring Break website. [Video Courtesy Of PBR]

Luxor Hotel After Opening In 1993

The above video courtesy of the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas shows how the property looked not long after the opening in 1993. Back when the property opened it had a full Egyptian theme which over recent years they have tried to tone down which is tough when your property is a pyramid. Its cool to see the attractions that were their at the time of opening soon of which we don’t even remember.