Cupcakes To Ice Bar

Linq Las Vegas

Recently Sprinkles Cupcakes closed its prime location at the Linq next to the fountain and, now we have news what will replace Sprinkles with news that Minus Five Degrees Icebar with open there in what will be its third location in Las Vegas.

If your not familiar with Minus Five Degrees Ice Experience its where for a cover charge you can enter a bar made completely out of ice including the bar itself and the walls, seats, chandeliers, glasses and the room also includes ice sculptures.

The basic admission charge is $17 for gloves and a parka but there is also an upgrade price for $45 instead for a faux fur coat which also includes one cocktail.

I visited the Mandalay Bay location several years ago and, its a cool experience walking in to basically a big freezer surrounded by ice; The experience was cool no pun intended but i don’t know if I would try it again but as they are adding a third location it seems they are doing well.

If you want to visit one of the existing locations they are at the Mandalay Bay as well as the Canal Shoppes at the Venetian with the new location at the Linq due to open sometime in November.


NHL Awards Returns To LV

Mandalay Bay

The NHL Awards presented by Bridgestone returns to Las Vegas again on Wednesday June 19th with this time at the Mandalay Bay Events Center instead of last years location at the Hard Rock. This is the 10th Annual NHL Awards show which celebrates the top talent of the 2018-19 season.

If you are interesting in attending the show starts on June 19th at 4:30 pm with the doors opening at 3:30pm and at the time of writing this there is still a few tickets left. The tickets are $30 for seats together or $20 for split seats plus the usual taxes and fees. These are the cheap seats and will be a distance from the stage but an option if you are a fan or want a break from the casino floor.

Tickets Website Link

Astral Resort Heading To South Strip

Astral Resort Las Vegas

Last year Asher Gabay bought a vacant motel across from the Mandalay Bay for $7.4 million with plans to built a new resort hotel on land now occupied by a Motel 8. We often hear about potential new resort properties that never go ahead but this one looks like it might happen in an area of the Strip across from resorts such as the Mandalay Bay and the Luxor which is mostly vacant motels or buildings. The planned resort will be called Astral and have a casino with 620 rooms over 34 floors as well as a four level underground parking garage, a sky lobby on the 32nd floor and of course a nightclub as well as a rooftop pool with a day club.

The current Motel 8 is expected to keep operating up until the planned start of construction in Spring of 2020. The project is expected to cost between $325 million and $350 million and with the Raiders Stadium now under construction located close by as well as possible extension of the monorail, the South Strip could be much busier by the planned 2022 opening date of this property.


Santana Extends Residency


Longtime Las Vegas performer Santana who just ended his residency at the House Of Blues has announced that he will return to the House Of Blues with 20 new performances starting in May with shows running in to November. The residency is being called “An Intimate Evening with Santana: Greatest Hits Live”with dates in May, September, October and November, tickets go on sale this Friday starting at $99.50 plus the usual taxes and fees.


New Monorail Station For Sphere

Christmas Tree At Monorail Station

The discussion about the monorail recently has been about extending the line to Mandalay Bay but now comes news of a new station on the existing line; The new station will be at the MSG Sphere which is being built currently near the Venetian, the new station will include a 11,000 square foot platform which will be on both sides of the existing track.

The new station will be on the northwest corner of the Spheres land with a pedestrian bridge to the existing Sands Convention Center and arena. No date or timetable has been given for the new station although once construction starts the station is expected to take about nine months to complete.

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RM Seafood Closes At Mandalay Bay

Celebrity chef Rick Moonen’s two restaurants at Mandalay Place at the Mandalay Bay resort have closed after not coming to lease renew terms for a new lease. The two restaurants were RM Seafood and Rx Boiler Room with RM Seafood open for nearly 15 years and about 120 employees have been effected by the closures which is always sad. Rick Moonen who is a Las Vegas resident has said that he would like to open another restaurant off strip which i’m sure will happen at some point.


Santana Adds More Dates

Mandalay Bay

Multi Grammy winner Carlos Santana a long time Las Vegas fixture has announced an extension to his residency at the House Of Blues located inside the Mandalay Bay; The show called Santana: Greatest Hits Live at the House Of Blues has announced new dates for early next year with shows January 23rd, 25th to 27th, 30th to 31st as well as performances on February 1st and 2nd. Tickets to the ten time Grammy winners show start at $99.50 plus all the usual taxes and fees. 

House Of Blues Carlos Santana Page For Tickets

What No Straw In My Drink

Mandalay Bay

MGM Resorts have announced that they are going to be phasing out the use of plastic straws at its various properties. The program has started at the Aria and Mandalay Bay and will soon happen at all MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas.

As the program starts you will still be able to request your server or bar tender for a straw but one won’t be automatically added to your drink; The eventually goal of the program is to eliminate all straws from MGM operated clubs, bars and restaurants.

The purpose of this program according to MGM Resorts is to eliminate the waste caused by disposable straws of which the company uses about 100 million a year. I can see how this will eliminate waste, but I can also see how this will save MGM Resorts a lot of money, so I wonder if the main goal is truly just to save the environment or cut out a cost. Either way a lot of places don’t give you drink stirrers anymore so now I cannot use a straw to stir my drink is it okay to use your fingers okay maybe not.

CraftHaus Beer & BBQ Dinner

Mandalay Bay

A tasty sounding event is happening Friday night at the Mandalay Bay with the CraftHaus Beer & BBQ Dinner taking place at the Border Grill. The event features Excutive Chef Mike Minor’s pairing of  CraftHaus beer with great BBQ as well as all the sides such as mac & cheese, baked beans, corn bread and potato salad.

The meat will be slow cooked, grilled or smoked and include things such as burnt ends burritos, spare ribs, brisket tacos and my favorite pulled pork.  The event costs $72 but includes an unlimited feast, paired with the CraftHaus beers served on long picnic tables on the lower level of the Border Grill.

Friday May 18th at 6:30 pm, for more information call  (702) 632-6940

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Silverton Aquarium

Yes there are still many free attractions in Las Vegas even though everything else has gotten more expensive in recent times. One such free attraction is the Silverton Aquarium which is located at the mountain chalet themed Silverton Hotel & Casino near the South Strip. If you plan on visiting the Silverton and the aquarium i would suggest if you don’t have a car to take a taxi or Uber to the property as its about 4 1/2 miles south of the Mandalay Bay.

The aquarium is  a huge 117,000 gallon glass tank filled with tropical fish and is located in the lobby right next to the Bass Pro Shop. The aquarium has three species each of sharks and stingrays as well as the thousands of tropical fish on display. Every day they have interactive feeding sessions where the staff biologist answers guests questions during the feeding show.

The attraction also features Mermaids swimming with the fish with free shows on Thursday through Sunday with them starting at noon every day except Sunday where shows start at 10:30 am.

While you are checking out the aquarium you might also want to check out the entrance from the resort to the Bass Pro Shop which is beautiful in its own right. The display includes an 18,000 gallon water feature modeled after Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon. The rock formations are filled with huge Koi fish as well as a flowing river with other wildlife such as turtles, ducks and sturgeon fish, three other smaller aquariums are located inside the Bass Pro Shop.

These attractions are not ones you are going to spend hours at but they are a nice break from action and crowds on the Strip.