MGM Grand Hiring For Pool Season

MGM Grand Hiring For Pool Season

I have tried to avoid posting stories about job losses in Las Vegas; The main reason is story after story about people losing their jobs is not a good thing.

The other reason is with some people latest off, some furloughed some getting hired back it is a confusing picture which we won’t know the final tally until things get back to more normal.

That being said early every year the resorts start making announcements of hiring for the upcoming pool and day club season.

MGM Resorts International has announced they are hiring more than 400 people for the upcoming pool season. The positions being hired for include pool attendants, cabana hosts, lifeguards, receptionists, security as well as retail. The jobs will start in February and run through November.

MGM Grand Lion
Mirage Reopening This Month

Mirage Reopening This Month

MGM Resorts has announced they will reopen one of their last remaining closed resorts the Mirage later this month. The Mirage which has been closed for five months will reopen on August 27th.

A time hasn’t been announced for the reopening but I expect that to be forthcoming. I don’t often stay at the Mirage as I’m a cheapskate blogger but it is one of my favorite properties and I always try to visit when I’m in town.

When the Mirage reopens expect all the new safety requirements social distancing, face masks etc that have become the norm in recent times.

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The Luxor To Close?

The Luxor To Close?

A website i do like and usually has good sources Vital Vegas is reporting that there are plans too close and demolish the recently reopened Luxor on the South Strip.

Even though i’m sure this likely has been discussed at MGM like many other options it would be surprising if the Luxor were to close in the near feature although in the future that could be a possibility.

MGM Resorts has spent the last few years paying down debt and with less worrying about that it should look at its assets and how to get more money out of them in the future.

The ill fated theming trend which was intended to bring families to Las Vegas and the Strip is over. Not really surprising people that bring their kids are less likely to gamble, nightclubs or eat at expensive restaurants as they cater to their kids.

MGM Resorts has a bigger issue than most companies de theming because it’s hard to hide the castle at Excalibur or the pyramid at Luxor. MGM Resorts has tried to strip out as much of the theming possible at Luxor but the end of the day it’s still a big pyramid which you cannot hide.

There has been rumors for years about alleged structural issues causing more maintenance; I don’t know if this is true or not but maintaining a building with all those angles adds to the complexity.

I have stayed at the Luxor numerous times over the years and would be sad to see it go but Las Vegas is always changing. The market in Las Vegas under the pandemic as you would expect is weak.

Would it make sense to close the property now and construct something new whilst the times are bad so ready for when they get better. I guess it’s up to MGM resorts to decide or might they just incorporate the Luxor in to the Mandalay Bay and put up another tower matching that one where the Pyramid of the Luxor is now.

The key to all of this is to get higher room rates and return on their investment of the various venues on the property. The Mandalay Bay with its wave pool and attractions gets higher rates, the Excalibur’s brings in lower rates but it brings in a certain customer the Luxor sits in the middle where are plenty of other options.

MGM Grand Hiring For Pool Season

Wet Republic To Reopen July 2nd

MGM Resorts and the Hakkasan Group have announced the recently renovated 54,000 square foot Wet Republic Ultra Pool will reopen July 2nd. Because of the current pandemic Wet Republic will open as an extension of the MGM Grand pool complexes for adults age 21 and over.

Even without the usual crowds and craziness you can still enjoy the tow new plunge pools, new furniture and the upgraded technology. There are ten upgraded cabanas as well as twelve bungalows with giant flat screen televisions.


Thursday to Sundays 11 am to close

Reservation are required from their website or by calling (702) 891-3563

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Free Parking At MGM Resorts

Free Parking At MGM Resorts

Over the last few years fees such as resort fees and parking charges have annoyed visitors to Las Vegas. As the resorts reopen traffic is going to be slow as many people understandably might not want to fly to Las Vegas at this time with the virus situation.

To make things more consumer friendly MGM Resorts has announce that when its nine Las Vegas resorts reopen there will be free parking for the foreseeable feature.

There will still be charges for valet parking when it returns and also parking fees could be charged when things such as sports, concerts and events return.

So far no word on the annoying resort fees being removed but at least the removal of the parking fees is a start.