Riviera Implosion Announced

When former Las Vegas Strip resorts are imploded they always draw big crowds even though most are in the middle of the night. People have been wondering when the implosion of the Riviera would be announced well on June 14th at 2am the implosion of the long time Strip property will begin with the implosion of the Monaco Tower. An implosion date for the Monte Carlo tower has not been announced yet but will be forthcoming.


WSOBP Gets New Home

The annual World Series of Beer Pong tournament is nearly here with it scheduled for July 6th to July 10th at a new home at the Westgate. We have reported on the World Series of Beer Pong before at the Flamingo but with its most recent home at the Riviera now closed its good to see the event has found a new home at the Westgate. The event is in its 11th year and the players are competing for $65,000 in prize money and thats a lot of beer money.

Big Cat Magic To Return

There was a time in Las Vegas that every big resort would have a magic show featuring big cats in its showroom. Most of this type of show have vanished because of changing audience tastes in Las Vegas as well as lot more variety in the types of shows and acts available with many Cirque shows taking over the big showrooms. One big cat magician that has performed fairly often is magician Dirk Arthur who has performed all over town most recently at the Riviera where he had the bad fortune to open his show there at that property as the days for the Riviera were numbered. Well Dirk Arthur has a new home for him and his big cats as his new show ‘Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic’ is scheduled to open at the Westgate with a debut of August 24th set as the first performance. The show runs Monday to Saturday with a start time of 4 pm with tickets starting at $50 plus the usual taxes and fees with tickets now on sale. Dirk Arthur’s past shows generally get good reviews and, it’s also an early show which is a plus if you plan to go out after the show for dinner, gambling or clubbing etc.

Buy A Piece Of The Riviera Today

Riviera SignToday is your first chance to buy a piece of Las Vegas history as the liquidation sale of the 60 year Strip landmark the Riviera begins. The sale is being conducted by National Content Liquidators and the admission fee for the first four days when the best selection is available is $10 per person. The items on sale include furnishings from the 2,075 guestrooms and suites as well as things from the casino such as gaming tables, stools and numerous items as well as things such as furnishings and commercial kitchen equipment from the former properties restaurants. The commercial kitchen items should be of interest to local restaurant owners and the sale also includes some more interesting items such as lobby and theater furnishings  as well as things like chandeliers in case you want one for your house. It’s sad to see another piece of Las Vegas history disappear but hopefully some fans of Las Vegas will be able to get some nice keepsakes of the Riviera. If you are interested in checking out the liquidation it runs from 9 am to 7pm daily with the hours on Sunday of 10am to 5pm and will remain open until the items are gone. If you want to check out pictures of the kind of items on sale of the Riviera check out the National Content Liquidators website link.

Still Time Left To Cash In Riviera Chips

Riviera Hotel Closed WebpageLast Monday the Riviera Hotel closed after 60 years on the Las Vegas Strip to make way for more exhibit and meeting space for the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you still have some casino chips left over you can still cash them in if you desire even though the Riviera is closed until September 1st 2015 after which time they will become souvenirs. If you want to cash out those chips take them to the nearby Westgate Las Vegas and redeem them at the casino cage while you still can. Most likely the Westgate is getting a cut of these transactions but it’s not uncommon for this to happen when a property closes down; When the Sahara closed to be reborn as the SLS there was a similar deal where you could cash out your Sahara  chips at MGM’s Circus Circus also for a limited time.

Riviera Close Draws Near

Riviera SignThe weekend is not too far away and as it draws near so does the last weekend to visit the Riviera the sixty year old Strip resort that is due to close on Monday. The official time for the visitors and guests to be out of the property is by noon although a slow gradual shutdown of the property is likely to begin many hours before. If you have never been to a resort closing for good it’s an interesting experience albeit a sad one especially for the employees. I have been at the closing of many properties over the years including way back to former resorts such as the Maxim and the closings usually are very similar. In the casino employees will rope off sections of the machines as they become unused and then the security will move in to empty the change drawers and take them away. The next activity is usually the maintenance people moving in to deactivate the machines and getting them ready for moving which often takes a while; After the machines are all disconnected the maintenance people will then pick them up by hand trucks and tie them down before wheeling them off to a storage area. Over many hours the available rows of slot machines gets less and less with more areas of yellow taped off areas showing up and large expanses of open carpet appearing. The same thing happens at the table games as tables close with the money boxes removed first followed by the boxes of chips and finally the tables will start to be removed by maintenance. As the noon closing time draws near you will see groups of employees standing together often with some crying while others maybe hugging each other its always a sad time but hopefully a lot of them have already found other jobs. Right at closing the security will ask players not to deposit more money in the machines and as they play though their money they will head for the exit. After the close hotel security will also walk with housekeeping from room to room checking that everyone has vacated the rooms. The closing down of a resort has happened numerous times over Las Vegas history but its part of the constant change in a city that is always changing and reinventing itself. The Riviera has been in sad shape over recent years and might not be remembered fondly in the same breath as the Sands, Dunes, Desert Inn or Stardust but its always sad to see a little part of Las Vegas history go away.

Classic Cash Giveaway At Riviera

Riviera SignThe Riviera may soon be history as it is due to close next month but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to celebrate their 60th Anniversary this month and as part of the celebration they are giving away cash. The “Classic Cash Giveaway” is open to members of the Riviera Rewards players club {free to join} and. includes $500,000 in cash prices. Players club members get one entry for every 600 in points they earn and a drawing for cash prizes up to $10,000 will be made nightly at 7pm Sunday through Friday. This promotion might be worth checking out especially if you want to visit the Riviera for the final time before the close and who knows if you win you could use the prize money towards Riviera souvenirs or cheap beer across the street at Slots Of Fun your choice.

Convention Center Expansion

The upcoming coming closure of the Riviera on May 4th means the loss of 2,100 of the least expensive hotel rooms on the Strip to the Las Vegas visitor. The hotel will make way for the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center which is part of the $2.3 billion Global Business District expansion by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority of the facility. The new convention center space will help Las Vegas better compete with cities such as Los Angeles and Anaheim in the race to get the biggest conventions. The LVCVA has said at present they miss out on holding approximately 30 conventions each year that have to be turned away because of not enough space with the current facilities; so snagging these conventions would be a boom for Las Vegas. The convention center expansion is projected to increase the number of visitors to Las Vegas from the current 41 million a year to a projected 44 million which will be good for the local resorts and businesses. The exact date for the demolition of the Riviera hasn’t been announced yet but its likely to begin in June most likely in the late night hours when traffic is lightest on the Strip.


Riviera Set To Close May 4th

A rendering of what the future Riviera land may look like once completed (photo courtesy of LVCA)

A rendering of what the future Riviera land may look like once completed (photo courtesy of LVCVA)

In last Fridays board meeting of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority the members present voted unanimously to purchase the Riviera Hotel & Casino on the Strip and close it to redevelop the land. The purchase price for the Riviera is $182.5 million with the property due to close May 4th with the redevelopment of this and other nearby land purchased expected to take between five to eight years to complete. The above picture from the LVCVA shows what the replacement building on the Riviera site will most likely look like as part of the $2.3 billion expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center which wants expansion to compete with other convention centers such as Anaheim and Los Angeles. Its sad to see the iconic Riviera close but its has been neglected for a long time but the income an expanded convention center will bring is good for the Las Vegas economy overall.

Riviera’s Time May Be Up

Riviera SignA 60 year old resort fixture on the Strip may be living on borrowed time as rumors about the closing and redevelopment of the Riviera swirl with a possible closing time of May or June. For about the last month their has been talk that the property could be remodeled or redeveloped as a modern Riviera but now comes news that the LVCVA may knock down the property for a expanded convention center. The Las Vegas Convention and Vistor’s Authority has been buying up land around the Convention Center but mainly to the South of the Convention Center for expansion. One possible plan for the Riviera space as its across the street from the main building could be for a transportation center for the Convention Center which they have long wanted to build to ease the congestion at times such as the huge Consumer Electronics Show. If the LVCVA decide to buy the Riviera and build the transportation center on the site its location on the Strip half way between the busier part of the Strip and Downtown would have to be a plus. The Riviera has been a sad shell of its one time glory as years of limited money spent on it have taken its toll as it has struggled in a location which has come more remote as its surrounded now by empty lots and half finished resorts. Every time over the last several years I have visited the Riviera I have been greeted by large empty areas of the casino where tables or games once may have been and just no energy which is sad for this longtime Strip property seen in so many movies over the years. The hallways and 2,100 rooms at the property were always a strange dated mix and showed their age as they hadn’t been refurbished in a long time. Ultimately we would love to see the Riviera remodeled and brought back to its former glory but most likely it will close and the property being used for convention related activity is a good possibility as it’s a huge moneymaker for Clark County. The one constant in Las Vegas is change so don’t get too attached to your favorite property because at some point it could be gone either remodeled and changed completely or as is the case for many over the years such as the Sands, Dunes, Desert Inn or Stardust could be demolished and gone forever.