Taking A Bus Down The Strip

RTC Deuce Bus
Duece Double Decker

A popular inexpensive option to get up and down the Strip as well as to Downtown is by RTC city bus; Yes even people that would never take a city bus at home use the bus to get around. There is two main options for taking the bus one is the gold double decker buses called the Deuce and the other is the Strip and Downtown Express buses which look like futuristic single decker bendy buses. The are some important differences between the two the Deuce double deckers stop at every major resort on the Strip and, if you haven’t purchased a ticket from one of the ticket machines you can pay the driver on entrance. If you want to go to top deck you can get good views especially if you are lucky enough to grab the front seats. The Deuce’s have two sets of steps to get to the top deck one for going up and one for going down, if the bus is busy don’t stop on the steps unless you want a PA call from the driver telling you to move. The second option is the Strip and Downtown Express or SDX as its called, if you choose this option you must have a paid fare to board the bus, the driver is behind glass, do not disturb them. The SDX single deckers do not stop at every resort so the travel time can be much quicker but make sure on the map that the SDX stops close to where you want to be. Both the Deuce and SDX don’t have a set schedule but usually come along every 15 to 20 minutes and can be as much as 30 minutes in off peak times but that is mainly real early morning or late night. One thing to note is during the prime night hours when the traffic slows on the Strip the times can be off as the buses get bogged down in traffic; The SDX runs from 9am to midnight outside of these hours the Deuce which runs 24 hours also will run to the South Strip Transit Center instead of stopping at the Mandalay Bay as it does during the day.



$6 for 2 hours

$8 for 24 hours





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