It looks like the high speed train line along Interstate 15 from Victorville, California to Las Vegas is going to happen. After many companies over recent years failed in their attempts to do the same thing it looks like Virgin Trains USA will actually succeed;

The last important part in getting the line going was Nevada’s Department of Business and Industry which just approved the issuance of $200 million in tax exempt bonds which will help finance the line.

Previously the state of California approved $600 million in similar bonds as well as $1 billion that was approved by the Federal Department Of Transportation. Now all Virgin Trains USA has to do is sell private bonds by September 30th which it’s seems confident it will do as its already surveying along the interstate.

Virgin Trains USA was previously called Brightline which already operates its own train service in Southern Florida so the company does have experience making a similar service work.

Once the track is completed the question is will people want to take the high speed train to Las Vegas especially since its only going to Victorville not all the way to Orange or Los Angeles counties. People may try it as a novelty at first the question is will some of them return instead of driving.

I think if people can get a standard train from Los Angeles or Oranges counties to Victorville then switch for the high speed train to Las Vegas I think many people would consider it as would people that already live near Victorville.

Over the years I have written many articles on here about failed attempts to run a train service to Las Vegas but I think this one will actually happen but only time will tell.