One way to get from Mc Carren Airport to your hotel and back is via airport shuttle. As you leave the terminal you will see several booths of the shuttle companies where you prepay and tell them where you are going and then they tell you where to wait for a shuttle. The shuttles have advantages and disavantages over other transportation. The main advantage is cost they are much less expensive than either taxis of limos. The cost to strip hotels one way is usually about $5 and downtown is about $7 and if you buy a return ticket its $8 for strip or $10 for downtown. The shuttles usually come by every ten minutes or so but the big disavantage of these is the time it takes to get you to your hotel if you are in a rush. They will wait and try to get a full load before leaving and also they have to drive all over the place to drop everyone off. My suggestion is if you are staying at a hotel on the south end of the strip you may want to take a taxi because you are close to the airport. If i stay downtown i usually take the shuttle because the shuttles are usually less full so there are less stops: Also because of the distance its much cheaper than a taxi and because all the hotels downtown are close together even if they have to drop off others there it doesn’t take long.