One way to get around town is by CAT which stands for Citizens Area Transit which is the local bus company in Las Vegas. I know some people would never travel around on a bus but it is inexpensive. The fare for most routes is $1.25 except the routes along the strip which are $2. Route #301 runs from the Downtown Transportation Center all the way down the strip past all the hotels and ends at the South Strip Transportation Center and then does the return trip; Route #302 is the strip express and does the same route at peak times with limited stops. First of all i should say the buses on the strip are real crowded they have the long buses and come pretty often but they are still very crowded most of the time. At most times especially peak times its standing room only and because of the terrible traffic on the strip and the bus stopping every block it can take a while. As you get on you put the money in the machine, which is exact fare only the driver cannot give change. Routes other than the strip are less crowded so if you are staying off strip it the bus may be a more comfortable option although buses will be less frequent. The bus stops have the bus schedule on them or for 25 cents you can pick up a bus schedule book at either bus station. Routr #109 does run to Mc Carran airport and then along Paradise to downtown. I have taken this bus when i was staying just overnight at the Las Vegas Hilton which it passes because i just had a small bag; I don’t think taking the bus from the airport and lugging a suitcase on the bus is a good idea but i have seen it done. In conclusion the bus is not for everyone but it is an inexpensive way to get around town.