Getting around Las Vegas by taxi is often the quickest way to get around if you don’t have a car. It can get expensive if you do it a lot but its nice because you can go from the front entrance of one hotel or casino to the next. You cannot hail cabs on the street they won’t stop but at most major hotels there are taxi racks. It there isn’t a cab there the doorman will call one for you. The doorman will ask you were you are going and will tell the driver when the taxi arrives. You should tip the doorman before you leave. Taxis in Las Vegas are plentiful but at certain times like in the mornning or when there is a big conference in town i can be tough. For example i have stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton which is close to the convention center and had trouble getting a cab when a convention was on. One time i walked over to the Sahara and picked one up there because of the long lines at the Las Vegas Hilton. Prices for taxis may go up because of fuel increases but right now they are $3 per first mile and $1.80 per additional mile and an extra charge while waiting at red lights of 35 cents a minute. An extra charge of $1.20 from Mc Carren airport. One plus is there is no extra charge for more people in a taxis up to five so by spliting the fare between a group you can save money.

Average Fares:
Airport to Southern Strip $8-10
to Center Strip $10-12
to Stratosphere $13
to Downtown $15-17
These prices are just a guide and don’t include tip.