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Twin Peaks

Here at Las Vegas Inside Out we like to keep you abreast of the things to see and experience in Las Vegas and today at Twin Peaks is a calendar signing with the Twin Peaks calendar girls. So if you buy the $20 calendar you can get some of the girls to sign their own pictures because as we know a signed copy of something is worth more (wonder if there are Twin Peak calendar collectors). If you are not familiar with Twin Peaks it’s a Hooters style restaurant with a lodge style restaurant with attractive female servers in small cleavage showing lumber jack style shirts and small shorts. The food in the restaurant is pretty good and the beer is chilled to 29 degrees and served in large mugs. The restaurant is over three levels and includes a patio that overlooks the Strip and a climbing wall which you can climb for $10 if you are so inclined. Now back to the important stuff the signings are at 5 to 7pm and the calendars also include $125 worth of Twin Peaks food offers (like you need an excuse to return). Scheduled to appear is also Chloe Khazali who appeared on an episode of the CBS show Undercover Boss about Twin Peaks and this is her first public appearance after that show was broadcast. If you are off the Strip today they are also visiting the new Henderson Twin Peaks location between 2 and 4pm. So now you have a nice pair of calendar signing events to choose from, okay enough puns  check the events out if your so inclined today.

2 thoughts on “Twin Peaks Calendar Signing Today

  1. Writing this post i felt like Scott from the old Caesar’s blog with his bikini event reviews, Scott is no longer with the Caesar’s blog but can be found at his new blog Vital Vegas. Yes i’m advertising the competition but i don’t think we will be covering new merchandise in the Donny and Marie gift shop or shot glasses like his old blog but his blog is good so check it out.

  2. Just decided I needed a new calendar so might have to go check it out 🙂 also what’s wrong with a collection of Donny & Marie dolls or shot glass lol

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