I live in Southern California home of In and Out Burgers but while in Las Vegas I decided to check out one of its newer competitors that’s heading West namely Wahlburgers. If you have caught an episode of the A&E reality show of the same name you would have known that the chain was started by two famous boy band members now actors Mark and Donnie Whalberg with their less famous brother Paul is the chef behind the food.

As you can see from the picture above the burger in this case the double decker isn’t a bad burger although they do have the lettuce and tomato on the bottom which gives the burger a different taste, not necessarily good or bad just different. The burger wasn’t a bad burger but at Las Vegas Strip prices of $12.99 for just the burger no fries or drink it’s not one I would go out of my way for but maybe as they add off Strip locations and the price comes down a bit it might make it a better deal. The location I picked up this burger was at the Grand Bazaar Shops the shopping out front of Bally’s and judging the by the always big crowds inside the place day or night they are doing very well.