Water Grill Open At Forum Shops

A very highly anticipated restaurant opening is Water Grill at the Forum Shops, well the good news is the restaurant has finally opened. The restaurant is in the long time Spago space which was closed in January of 2018 so the restaurant could move over to the Bellagio.

The Southern California based Water Grill is one of my favorite restaurants and is known for its amazing seafood, the chain has four restaurants in Southern California and one in Dallas and now the Las Vegas location.

The menu has 16 varieties of oysters, live lobster and crab as well as whole wild fish by the pound including Dover Sole, black sea bass, as well as pink bream with prices in the $33 to $48 per pound price with fresh fish delivered twice a day. A person favorite of mine is fish and chips and they also have some steaks and some chicken but i would skip those as its the seafood that shines at this restaurant.

The restaurant took a while to open as the companies owner Kings Seafood Company has spent millions on the new location with an olde wood ship decor with heavy beams and a plank floor with the room decorated with antique fishing roods as well as details such as a  copper bar and a chandelier with 14,000 oyster shells. . The restaurant also has a large patio area that opens out on to the Forum Shoppes which also might be a good option for your meal.


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