What Is The Strip?

The section of Las Vegas Boulevard from Mandalay Bay in the south to the Stratosphere which is 4 miles to the north is commonly known as the strip. This is where most of the large casinos and resorts that everyone is familar with are located. Be careful of places that say they are on the strip but are located outside this area. Sometimes places a long way south of the Mandalay Bay advertise as on the strip and technically they are because Las Vegas Boulevard runs from the airport to downtown but they are very remote so unless you want to take a bus or cab to the action or enjoy desert i would avoid this area. Some small motels north of the Stratosphere advertise as on the strip and again technically they are but they are in a remote section between the Stratosphere and downtown and are surrounded by adult bookstores,strip clubs and wedding chapels.

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  1. Hello ##name##, Las Vegas is still called sin city for its multiple reasonslas vegas motelsWe continue to look for things for our kids to do. Sometimes we are happy with Circus Circus and sometimes we can walk the strip during the day. let us know your thoughts on good family entertainment in vegas.

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