MGM Resorts have announced that they are going to be phasing out the use of plastic straws at its various properties. The program has started at the Aria and Mandalay Bay and will soon happen at all MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas.

As the program starts you will still be able to request your server or bar tender for a straw but one won’t be automatically added to your drink; The eventually goal of the program is to eliminate all straws from MGM operated clubs, bars and restaurants.

The purpose of this program according to MGM Resorts is to eliminate the waste caused by disposable straws of which the company uses about 100 million a year. I can see how this will eliminate waste, but I can also see how this will save MGM Resorts a lot of money, so I wonder if the main goal is truly just to save the environment or cut out a cost. Either way a lot of places don’t give you drink stirrers anymore so now I cannot use a straw to stir my drink is it okay to use your fingers okay maybe not.