Okay I get asked all the time what to do with the kids when in Las Vegas and my answer always is to leave them at home. Okay now I have offended all parents I will give you the reason why I suggest this. If you were not in Las Vegas would you expose your kids to gambling, smoking, drinking, sexy suggestive clothes and stripper ads on taxis and flyers; the answer to this would probally be no so why do this in Las Vegas? Having to explain to a young kid what a dancer to your room or what an escort does is not a coversation I want to have with a kid. If you want to gamble, drink or see shows the kids are going to be in the way, although you could leave them in your room or playing with the ice machine because that always works out so well (i was joking not a good idea). Okay if you insist on bringing your kids to Las Vegas there are options and things to keep them amused and I will share them in upcoming postings. In the corner of each kid friendly attraction i will put a logo of a kids face.