Why Is A Room $99 Night $249 The Next?

Okay room rates in Las Vegas can vary a lot depending on the day and time of the year. Generally speaking Friday and Saturday night stays are the most expensive with Sunday through Thursday being cheaper. The reason why Friday and Saturday are the most expensive is because a large amount of people fly or drive in to Las Vegas from Southern California on those days to spend a weekend in Las Vegas. When big conventions are in town the room rates go up especially at hotels catering to conventioners such as Las Vegas Hilton,The Venetian and even the Mandalay Bay. The Las Vegas Hilton for example is real expensive during conventions because it is located next to the convention center but other times it can be a real bargain. Time of year also can make a difference in the room rate the summer months especially August can be real cheap because temperatures can get over 100 degrees often. Some of the most expensive times of the year are Christmas to New Years, Superbowl Weekend, Thanksgiving and 4th of July. A cheap time of the year can be after Thanksgiving to before Christmas and also January.

3 thoughts on “Why Is A Room $99 Night $249 The Next?

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