Worst Buffet In Las Vegas: At The Boardwalk

Okay as far as the best buffet in Las Vegas im sure there are many different opinions from the Spice Market Buffet at the Aladdin to buffets at Bellagio,Paris,Rio to name just a few; But i think the title of worst buffet is easy to pick its the Surf Buffet at the Boardwalk on the strip. This buffet is advertised all over the place as the only 24 hour buffet on the strip. If this is a case i would find a 24 hour strip casino coffee shop or go to Dennys at the Casino Royale if i was up late instead. There are other buffets that are not good such as Mollys in Fitzgeralds downtown but this one is really bad. The food is hardly edible and the stations are dirty or half empty and the service is terrible. When there is food it looks like something they might have served to Oliver Twist. The bread is so dry and stale you feel like taking out and feeding the birds. Desert offerings are usally rock hard cake or really cheap ice cream. The Boardwalk is a small casino located between the Monte Carlo and the Bellargio. If you are in the casino and they offer you a buffet comp don’t take it your stomach will thank you.

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