Zipline Down Fremont Street

If just visiting Las Vegas isn’t exciting enough for you there is one way to get the adrenaline going and thats to take a ride on a zipline down Fremont Street below the famous Fremont Street Experience canopy. The attraction is officially called Slot Zilla because the take off platform is the worlds largest slot machine 11 stories high with Las Vegas icons on it such as dice, showgirls, martini glass, coins, video reels and pink flamingos.

There is two ways to ride the attraction the first is in the seated position from 7 stories up for $25 over a distance of two blocks long for $25; The other way is like a super hero on your stomach from 11 stories high on what they call the Zoomline that runs five blocks long for $45.

Discount: Fly before 5:00 pm save $5 on each line

Nevada residents, Military members and Seniors 65 and older get 15 percent off

Premium Time: Friday and Saturday after 5:00 pm the Zoomline is $49

(Courtesy Of Downtown LV Now)

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