A fifty year old Hawaiian favorite Zippy’s has announced it plans to open its first mainland restaurant in Las Vegas sometime in 2019. In the press release Zippy’s called Las Vegas its nineth island and, said the Las Vegas location will be the chains twenty fifth restaurant. The chain is know for an extensive menu with things such as Zip Pac bentos, chicken curry, Hawaiian stew, sushi and various chili’s among other things. The restaurant will begin the search for a location in Las Vegas for an approximately 10,000 square foot restaurant’

Las Vegas has a long history of Hawaiian’s visiting Las Vegas and the California in Downtown Las Vegas for example has long brought over tour groups with its sister properties the Main Street Station and Fremont from Hawaii for example. The new restaurant should do well from either visitors or transplants from Hawaii that want to feel a taste of home as well as tourists that have visited Hawaii before or just want a taste of the islands.

Update: 1st April 2019

Zippy’s has finally announced the location for their first mainland location in Las Vegas click this line to be taken to story.