A new attraction starts today with the ZombieRampage Paintball Hunt at the Core Arena at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. The attraction brings together the paintball shooting, live target interaction as well as monster trucks. As part of the attraction you can climb aboard the 14 foot tall monster bus and shoot your paint gun at zombies roaming the arena.

Times And Cost

The hunts run Wednesday through Sunday nights through September with the first hunts starting at 6pm nightly. Ticket prices are $30 for general admission which includes 100 rounds of paintballs; There is also a vip package which offers guests priority boarding on the bus and 300 rounds of paintballs. All prices will have pesky fees and taxes added on. Children 5 to 12 are permitted with an adult admission, under 5 are not permitted.

Buying Tickets

Tickets for your preferred date and time can be purchased from the Plaza Website or at the Plaza Hotel & Casino box office on the casino floor.

View More: http://lemhiwillowtreephotography.pass.us/livealittlezombiebus